Aeries Web Account Settings

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Aeries Web Account Settings
Adobepdficon.png [Aeries Web Account Settings - May 3, 2016]


Aeries Web Version - Aeries Web Account Settings

Account Settings can be accessed by any user after logging in by going to the Account Settings link under the gear icon.

With appropriate security permissions, Users can update their email address, first name, and last name from this page. This page will also display the user's last login date/time, IP address, and login count. Users can also update Shortcut Keys preferences, as well as certain system preferences.

The default shortcut keys are displayed below, but can be changed to either an arrow key or a key of your choice. Available keyboard shortcuts are shown below:

  • Search/Get ( Ctrl + Alt + G )
  • Next Student/Forward ( Ctrl + Alt + F )
  • Previous Student/Back ( Ctrl + Alt + B )
  • First Student ( Ctrl + Alt + 1 )
  • Last Student ( Ctrl + Alt + 9 )

Users may also check the use arrow key checkbox next to each shortcut if they prefer to use the arrow keys. Note: Arrow keys are not compatible with all web browsers or computers.

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