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CALPADS Extract in Aeries Web
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Aeries Web Version - CALPADS Extract in Aeries Web


The CALPADS Extract (Beta) page in Aeries Web version is designed to create various CALPADS files for CALPADS submissions and perform other CALPADS functions. The CALPADS Extract (Beta) page can only be accessed from the District login.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 02.png

Note: The page is labeled as "Beta" so files should be verified for accuracy. For the initial release of the CALPADS Extracts page, the following features are available: Identifiers tab, Create SSID Request, Import New SSID file, Import SSID Replacement file; Other Options; Code Value Translations; and Schools. Other features will be released throughout the 2016-2017 school year.

Imports and Exports. The page can be also accessed from View All Forms.

The CALPADS Extracts (Beta) page can also be added to My Favorites to provide easy access to the page.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 01.gif

The following tabs are functional at this time. The remaining tabs are in development.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 03.png
  1. Identifiers – will create SSID Request File (SENR) and Import New and Replacement SSID files. The import will update the students new SSID and CALPADS ELAS data into Aeries.
  2. Code Value Translations – tab used to translate Aeries codes to CALPADS codes, must be set up before creating extracts
  3. Other Options – various options that need to be configured before creating extracts
  4. Schools – displays schools to select for the extracts

The following tabs are currently in development and will be available in future updates:

  1. Enrollment Update – will create the following files to submit to CALPADS:
    1. SENR (Student Enrollment),
    2. SINF (Student Information)
    3. SPRG (Student Programs)
    4. SELA (Student English Language Acquisition)
  1. ODS SENR & SPRG Audit, Import SELA ODS – Can import CALPADS SENR ODS or SPRG ODS files and also create new files to send back to CALPADS. Import SELA ODS file from CALPADS will import CALPADS SELA data into new fields in Aeries.
  1. Fall 2– will create SDEM (Staff Demographics), SASS (Staff Assignments), CRSE (Course Section) and (SCSE) Student Course Section Enrollment files to submit to CALPADS
  1. EOY – will create all files needed for the End of Year submissions.

CRSC (Course Section), SCSC (Student Course Section Completion), SDEM (Staff Demographics), SDIS (Student Discipline), SWAV (CAHSEE Waivers) and SCTE (Student CTE) files.

  1. Load Direct Cert - tab used to load the CALPADS Direct Certification File into the FRE table
  1. Other Extracts – tab is used to create a SIAD – Student Information Address File. Options are available to use the residential address or the mailing address.


Admin users or "Admin" security permission for the State Reporting security area are required to use the CALPADS Extracts page. The State Reporting area is under the Other section on the Security page.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 04s.png


The Schools tab is used to select the schools to be included in the extracts.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 05.png


The Identifiers tab is used to create SSID Request (SENR) files for students without SSID numbers in Aeries. The SENR file can then be sent to CALPADS. The CALPADS files with new and replacement SSIDs can then be imported into Aeries web version using this tab.

Note: Before creating the files, verify the settings on the Other Options, Code Value Translations and Schools tab.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 06.png
  • Create SSID Request File (SENR File) – verify that the correct schools are selected on the Schools tab before creating the file. Click the mouse on the Create SSID Request File (SENR) to create a file to send to CALPADS. The file will display in the File Download section at the bottom of the page. See page #7 for information on the File Download section.
CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 07.png
    • Process Schools Before Start Date (must have calendar created) – this option will allow an SSID Request to be created for students before the school year begins. This will help districts get SSIDs for pre-enrolled students, but this feature only works after the rollover process in the new school year. A calendar for the school must be created so the system knows what the first day of school is. It is also important to NOT delete Pre-Enrolled No Show Students if you have requested an SSID for the student already. You must keep the STU record and use the Summer Withdrawal fields.

New SSID Tab – allows the importing of CALPADS SSIDs into Aeries. To load new SSIDs into Aeries, follow the steps below.

  1. Select New SSID File – This button is used to locate the file downloaded from CALPADS to import the new SSIDs. After selecting the file, the file name will display below the button.
CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 08.png
  1. Load Selected File
  1. Review New SSIDs File - after the file is loaded, the data can be reviewed. The Review Loaded Data popup will display the information from the file.
CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 09.png
  1. Update STU.CID (SSID), LAC.EAC, LAC.EAD – This button updates the STU.CID field with the SSIDs from the loaded data. The SSID Import process will also populate the ELAS information from the file into the LAC fields (LAC.EAC and LAC.EAD).

An email will be sent when the update is complete.

SSID Replacement File - allows the importing of CALPADS SSIDs Replacement files into Aeries. Importing an SSID Replacement File from CALPADS will overwrite any Old SSID with the New SSID identified in the file. The Old SSID will be moved into the "Old SSID" (STU.OSI) field.

The process is the same as above. An email will be sent that will list the replaced and new SSIDs at the end of the process.

File Download Section

The File Download Section displays the files created. The file information displays including the file Type, Extract name, Batch # and information when the file was created.

A Submit check box is available to indicate files that have been submitted to CALPADS. This check box is informational only. The file reference is stored in the FLI - File Location Information table and the physical file is stored on the reporting engine.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 10.png

The Filters button enables the files to be filtered by Extract Type, user name or date and time. The Reset button can be used to reset the filters.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 11.png

Code Value Translations

The Code Value Translations tab is utilized to translate your Aeries code values (local codes) to CALPADS code values. The following page will display.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 12.png


  • The Code Value Translations will be copied from the Client version to the web, but we suggest they are verified before running any of the available processes.
  • If the Aeries Codes match the CALPADS Codes, the codes do not need to be translated and will not display on this page.
  • Certain values must be translated. Language Fluency, Enrollment Status, Exit Reason, Parent Ed Level, Primary Residence Category and others should be verified before creating extracts.
  • Blank Aeries values can be translated to a CALPADS code. And Aeries code values can be translated to blanks.
  • Student Grade - STU.GR The extract from Aeries will automatically translate grade 0 to "KN" and will automatically add the leading zero to grades 1-9.  You only need to enter translation values for grades higher than 12 and less than 0.

NOTE: Local codes that match the CALPADS codes do not need to be translated and do not need to display on the Code Value Translation tab. However, the values are available if you want to use them but it is not required. Certain values must be translated.


Below is an example of the Language Fluency Code Set. Select Language Fluency from the dropdown. The Aeries Code dropdown on the left of the page will display codes in the COD table for the STU.LF field. The code value is only 1 character; therefore, they must be translated to the CALPADS codes.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 13.png

- Click the mouse on the CALPADS Code dropdown on the right side of the page. Select the Aeries Code on the left that corresponds with the CALPADS Code.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 14.png

Below is an example of the Enrollment Status Code Set. Select Enrollment Status from the dropdown. The Aeries Code dropdown on the left of the page will display codes in the COD table for the STU.SP field.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 15.png

Then select the CALPADS Code dropdown on the right side of the page.

Below is an example of the Parent Ed Level (STU.PED). The Aeries Code dropdown on the left of the page will display codes in the COD table for the STU.PED field. Select the Aeries Code on the left and the corresponding CALPADS Code on the right.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 16.png


The Other Options tab on the CALPADS Extract (Beta) tab will display various options that MUST be verified before creating extracts.

Many of the user options saved by the client version will be translated to the web, but we suggest to verify them before running any of the available processes.

CALPADS Extracts Web 07222016 17.png

The following options are available on the Other Options tab.

  • "Short Term Enrollment" field - this is normally STU.SP, but for Court or Juvenile Facilities, this can be a User Code field.
  • "Race Intentionally Left Blank" Code – code value y created for the Race "Declined to State/Unknown".
  • Independent Charter School? – reporting requirements are slightly different for Independent Charter Schools. Set this option for a Charter School submitting data to CALPADS independent of your chartering district.
  • Pull County-District Code from School LOC records? Option to extract the County-District Code for the district from the school records in LOC being extracted. This option should be used by "Combo-Districts": districts where there are multiple districts managed in the same Aeries database.
  • STU.TG Values to Skip and STU.SP Values to Skip–Allows the extract to skip a STU record in your system that you don't want to send to CALPADS. These students must be flagged with either a STU.TG or STU.SP value so they will be skipped by the extract.

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