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District Rules - Aeries Web Version
Adobepdficon.png [District Rules - Aeries Web Version - Updated August 19, 2016]


Aeries Web Version - District Rules

The District Rules page in Aeries Web is used to control certain functions performed at the school level. The District Rules page can be found at the District level (School Code 0) on the Navigation Tree under School Info | District Rules.

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User accounts will need Read permissions to see the District Rules page and Update permissions to be able to make changes to the Rules. Permissions can be given through the Security page under the School Information | District Rules area.

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After navigating to School Info | District Rules in the District, the following page will display.

District Rules Aeries Web 01s.png

To turn on or turn off a District Rule click on the Change button and check or uncheck the appropriate check box. After making any changes click on the Update button to save the changes.

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Note: Changes made on this page may not take effect for up to 5 minutes due to caching.

The following are the table/field combinations and descriptions for each District Rule:

Student Rules

  • LOC.R1 – Student must be inactive at their last school before they can be enrolled at another school. This rule is used to prevent duplicate enrollment in the district.
  • LOC.R5 – Use STU.TG (Status Tag) to determine if a student is inactive at last school when transferring records. If this rule is turned on the student does not need a leave record in Attendance.
  • LOC.R22 – Automatically populate student photograph field (STU.BM) with the student permanent ID number (STU.ID).
  • LOC.R13 - Specify the default gender code to use on Add of a new student. LOC.13 turns the rule on or off. LOC.GC contains the specified gender value.

Student Address Rules

  • LOC.R11 – Next school (STU.NS) is the student's next grade level, not the next matriculation level.
  • LOC.R12 – Do not update the Next School field (STU.NS) on a student address change.
  • LOC.R14 – The update of the Student Next School field (STU.NS) requires the user to have Security group permission.
  • LOC.R15 – The update of student School of Residence field (STU.RS) requires the user to have Security group permission.

Other Student Rules

  • LOC.R18 – Link Primary Contacts (STU.FW/STU.MW) from the Emergency Contacts page.
  • LOC.R19 – Display the Verification Pass Code (STU.VPC) information on Student Data 2 tab.
  • LOC.R23 – Update inactive student records when changes are made to active copies of that student.
  • LOC.R25 – Update student records when changes are made to pre-enrolled copies of that student.

District Rules

  • Do NOT optimize graduation status. This option is stored in the DPT table. When this option is selected the system will not take advantage of the optimization logic that was added to the Aeries Web Version. The Graduation Status Reports will match the reports that Aeries Client Version creates. For more information on the Graduation Status calculation please refer to the Transcripts_and_Course_History.pdf document on the Aeries website.

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