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STAR Pre-ID File

The STAR Pre–Identification Form allows a School or District to create the PRE table in Aeries. After the table is created ALL data MUST be verified and used to create a STAR Test file. The testing vendor will use this file to store test scores for each student who took the test. The file containing scores is then sent back to the District and test scores are loaded back into Aeries®.

STAR Pre-ID File


Eagle Software is constantly updating the On-Line Help system that documents the AERIES® software applications. The AERIES® Online Help is easy to use and provides detailed information about the AERIES® Student Information System for both the Secondary and Elementary applications and more.

Please be aware that Eagle Software's objective is to provide their users with documented procedures, such as the ones found on this website, in an attempt to expedite the steps necessary to accomplish certain tasks within Aeries®. However, Eagle Software recognizes that each school and district using Aeries® has established their own unique guidelines and policies. By using these procedures you assume full responsibility for the appropriate application, the results of their use, any impact upon your database and conforming to all guidelines and policies that have been established by your school or district.


If you would like to contact Eagle Software, please visit our contact page to find the representative applicable to your needs.
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