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Welcome to Aeries Online Help

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The new Aeries User Interface (UI)

Aeries has always been a user-oriented platform, dating back to our early inception prior to the advent of the Internet. Our focus on customers is a philosphy we've held throughout our more than 20 years of serving California schools, and we're happy to continue that tradition in the refreshed and improved user interface (or "UI"). We've designed this update to make Aeries easier to use and more efficient to navigate, as well as introduce a new look that is pleasing to the eye.

Perhaps most crucially, this update lays the foundation for exciting ongoing improvements to the underlying user experience behind Aeries. As we embrace web technologies and the amazing things Aeries can do with them, we're focused on making sure that our application's user interface is growing more intuitive, consistent and easy to use. This new UI release is the first step on our continual journey into the brave new world of user-centric design.

Click the image below to check out our public demo site with the new UI
New UI


Aeries Software is constantly updating the Online Help system that documents the Aeries software applications. The Aeries Online Help is easy to use and provides detailed information about the Aeries® Student Information System for both the Secondary and Elementary applications and more.

Please be aware that Aeries Software's objective is to provide their users with documented procedures, such as the ones found on this website, in an attempt to expedite the steps necessary to accomplish certain tasks within Aeries. However, Aeries Software recognizes that each school and district using Aeries has established their own unique guidelines and policies. By using these procedures you assume full responsibility for the appropriate application, the results of their use, any impact upon your database and conforming to all guidelines and policies that have been established by your school or district.


If you would like to contact Aeries Software, please visit our contact page to find the representative applicable to your needs.
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