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The Course Data document is a part of the User Manual that contains easy step-by-step instructions on how to setup and maintain Courses.


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 - Course Data

The Course Data form displays information about courses that are currently taught, previously taught and will be taught in the upcoming semesters. This form displays all classes setup in the current Master Schedule for the course selected.

It also displays total sections, total seats (total seats available) and total actual students. When the SMS classes are displayed the total requests for this course and total students rejected from this course will also display.

The basic definition of a course (e.g. Title, N/A, Subject Area, etc.) must NEVER be changed unless it is not referenced anywhere in the database. If course information is changed and still used such as in the History table it will be changed on the student's transcripts.


From the Navigation Tree click the mouse on the Scheduling Process node. Next click the mouse on the Courses node.

The following form will display. A course can be located by using the scroll bar on the selection box to scroll and locate the course.

The course can also be located by entering the course number at the top of the selection box. Next, click the mouse on the Go button.

The course selected will now display and will include all course information including the grade range, default credits, maximum credits, and subject area codes.

Each tab at the top of the form will display additional information and can be displayed by clicking the mouse on each tab.


To add a new course, click the mouse on the Add button. The fields on the course form will display in entry mode.

On the General tab enter the new course number, short and long title and all information about the course, such as, grade range, default and maximum credit, term (Y for Year Long, S for Spring, F for Fall), and applicable subject areas.

The Other tab on the Course page can be populated with information regarding Alternate Course and Pre-Requisite Course information as well as Voc Ed Level and Course Level information.

The NCLB Specific Fields tab can be used to add NCLB information for the Course.

The California Specific Fields tab can be used to add CSU and UC Entrance information for the Course being entered.

When all information has been entered for the new course, click the mouse on the Insert button to save the information. The form will now display the new Course. The Course ID will also now display in the selection box on the far left.


After a course has been selected and displayed the Course Data can be updated. Click the mouse on the Change button. Select the tab at the top of the form to display the specific data. Select the field to be updated and enter the new data.

Click the mouse on the Update button. The data will now be updated. For example this Course now has an updated Course Description.


The bottom of the form will include all scheduled classes setup in the current Master Schedule including the total sections, total maximum seats available and total actual students currently enrolled. The average class size will also display.

Options are also available to Hide Inactive Classes and View Only Current Term. For example, the View Only Current Term option is selected below and the Fall sections no longer display.

The SMS Classes tab at the bottom will also allow you to view the sections setup in the Scheduling Master Schedule for the Course selected. Click the mouse on the SMS Classes tab. The sections for this course will display along with the Totals at the bottom.

Specific fields can be updated for the scheduled classes in the current Master Schedule or in the Scheduling Master Schedule. These fields include the Track, Group, Grade Range and Maximum. To update a section click the mouse on the Edit icon displayed to the left of the School Code.

Click the mouse in the field to be updated and enter the new data. Click the mouse on the Save icon. The section will be updated.

For example the Max for Section 45 is now 65.


A Course can only be deleted if there is no reference in the database for the course number selected. For example, a course cannot be deleted if a section has been setup for this course in the Scheduling Master Schedule or Master Schedule.

To check if the course is referenced anywhere click the mouse on the References button.

A Reference box will display indicating any table the course is referenced in. This data is informational and cannot be edited.

To delete a course, first use the Selection box to select and display the Course.

If there is no reference to the course the Delete button will display. Click the mouse on the Delete button.

The following message will display. Click the mouse on the OK button. The Course will be deleted and will no longer display in the Selection box.

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