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Using the Aeries Online Help

Returning to the Main Page

You can return to the front page at any time by clicking on the Aeries Software logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Aeries Software

Following links

Certain words are highlighted to represent a link to a page discussing more on that topic. Clicking a highlighted word will bring you to that page, and darken the color of the highlight to show that you have visited the link. This is an easier way to delve through the information in the online help, and will allow you to follow relevant information as you see fit.

Example Highlighted Link

Using the Sidebar

The left hand side of the Aeries Online Help screen contains a table of contents for all of the topics available. Clicking on a topic will open to a new page that contains a plethora of content relevant to the topic relating to what was clicked.

The Navigation Tree

The Search Function

The Search Bar

There is a search function in the upper right corner of the website that allows for quick browsing through the entire Aeries Help site and documentation.

Advanced Search

The Search Bar

If you type into this search field and select Go, the search function will try to find a page with a name closest to the topic you searched for. Conversely, if you hit Search, you will be brought to a list of options from which you can pick through to find the topic closest to what your intended information. From here, you can click on the Advanced button to expand your list of search options, with which you can add modifiers to whittle down the amount of results you will receive.

Back to Top Button

Many pages on the Aeries Online Help are considerably large in scale and in response to this we've placed a new button located on the bottom left corner of the screen which will direct you back to the top of the page. This button is typically reserved for pages that are much larger than others in scale.

Back To Top

Feedback and Contact

If you have any questions or comments specific to the AERIES Online Help, please email us at Send all other questions to a representative on our contact page.

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