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Aeries.Net - HTML Gradebook Browser Compatibility


Teacher Portal and the HTML Gradebook can be viewed by any modern browser. It is recommended that Mac OS users not use Safari due to known issues that prevent the stable use of the Aeries Teacher Portal. Some features may not be available in some web browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are compatible.

The HTML Gradebook requires an HTML 5-compatible browser. These browsers include:

  • Google Chrome version 35 or higher
  • Firefox version 30 or higher
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or higher ** NOTE: Compatibility View must be turned off for the HTML Gradebook**
  • Safari version 7 or higher
  • It is also currently compatible on the iPad, with a wider compatibility of other tablets coming in the future.

Turn Off Compatibility View in IE 11

Compatibility View in IE 11 will force the browser to behave as if it is in a previous browser version. Compatibility View can be turned on for some websites, and not for others. To turn Compatibility View off for the Aeries.Net Teacher Portal follow these steps:

In IE 11, click on the Tools icon ( "cog") in the menu on the upper right portion of the screen. Select Compatibility View settings from the drop-down menu.

HTML Gradebook Browser Compatibility 01.png

If the Teacher Portal is being accessed from within an internal network site (intranet) (for example, you are accessing the Teacher Portal from a classroom computer that is within your district's intranet), then uncheck the "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" option.

HTML Gradebook Browser Compatibility 02.png

If the Teacher Portal is being accessed from outside of the district's network (internet) (for example, you are accessing the Teacher Portal from your home computer while at home), then select the website that is the Teacher Portal and click on Remove.

Select Close and refresh the browser to view the Teacher Portal and the HTML Gradebook. This website will no longer behave as if it is in a prior version of IE.


The minimum monitor resolution for the Teacher Portal is 1024 x 768, with higher resolutions recommended.


The Teacher Portal can be setup and accessed from any PC that has access to the Internet. The user login account must be setup by the System Administrator at the school district in order to have access to the system.

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