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Welcome to the Aeries® Student Information System

The Aeries® Student Information System is a comprehensive solution that incorporates multiple technologies to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of schools, districts, and education agencies. The design and development of this robust, user-friendly system is rooted in over 40 years of experience in educational technology. Aeries is both flexible and scalable to meet and exceed the needs of both small and large districts.

The Aeries Control Panel, or 'main menu', as seen in the Aeries Client. From this form all functions within Aeries® SIS can quickly be accessed and utilized. Click the mouse on a button or press the key on the keyboard corresponding to the button.
Aeries Web Version
  • Provides streamlined Web-based functionality
  • Fully Integrated Portal with Real-Time Data Access and Editing
  • School and District Administrator Access to all end-user areas of the system
  • Teacher Access to Attendance, Grades, Gradebook, Test Scores, Student Information on their students, and much more.
  • Secure Parent and Student Access to any information the district enables.
  • Smart Phone, iPad, and Tablet Support
Aeries Client Version
  • The original SIS that revolutionized the industry.
Aeries Client Server
  • Provides powerful "Rich Client" functionality for school and district administrators who need easy access to data imports, exports, and large-scale data processing.
  • Network administration control over the Aeries Client.
Aeries Hosted Services
  • Fully hosted implementation of Aeries in a secure data center
  • Access to advanced features of Aeries without the need for local technical expertise
Aeries Analytics
  • Fully integrated testing and assessment system.
  • Early Dropout Warning System.
  • Plain Paper Scanning.
  • Full Standards and Gradebook Integration.
Aeries Enrollment
  • Allows parents to enter all student registration information online
  • Reduces data entry tasks for school personnel
Aeries Emergency App
  • Quickly downloads student data to Droid and iOS devices (includes iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).
  • Provides portable student information for school administrators, security personnel, truancy officers, emergency responders, and offsite event supervisors.

To help become familiar with Aeries® SIS, it is suggested that you experiment with the various forms in the demo program that utilizes a sample database -

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