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System Access Log
Adobepdficon.png [System Access Log - - Updated April 22, 2016]


Aeries.Net - System Access Log

The Aeries System Access Log allows teachers to view Parent and Student activity in the Portal. The System Access Log shows information on pages accessed or "page hits" made by Parents and Students. The System Access Log records can be viewed by different Information Areas such as Gradebook, Grades, Attendance, and Log-ins.

Currently the System Access Log feature is only available to the Teacher Portal. Future enhancements to the System Access Log will include an Admin view.

System Access Log Table

The Aeries System Access Log displays records that are stored in the PHL table. The PHL table is a new table for Aeries that logs the Parent and Student Portal page hit activity. A page hit is logged when a Parent or Student clicks on a page in the portal such as Attendance.

When a Parent or Student accesses a page in the Portal that is listed in the PHL Configuration file, a record will be logged to the PHL table about the page hit. The PHL table data can be viewed by an Admin through SQL query.

The Page Hit Log (PHL) table contains the following fields:

  • TID - Transaction Identification Number. This number automatically increments.
  • AID - Linked to the PWA.AID
  • UID – Linked to UGN.UID
  • UN – User email address
  • SC – School Code
  • SN – Student Number
  • ID – Student Perm ID
  • IP – The IP address
  • PG – Page or Report Name
  • DEL – Delete Tag
  • DTS – Date Time Stamp

The default pages that are logged for both Parent and Students are:

  • Default.aspx
  • Attendance.aspx
  • Classes.aspx
  • ClassScheduling.aspx
  • CourseRequests.aspx
  • EmailList.aspx
  • Grades.aspx
  • GradebookDetails.aspx
  • GradebookSummary.aspx
  • IndividualizedAcademicPlan.aspx
  • LoginParent.aspx
  • ParentDataConfirmation.aspx
  • ServiceLearning.aspx
  • StudentCourseRequest.aspx
  • StudentGrades.aspx
  • StudentProfile.aspx
  • StudentSBG.aspx
  • StudentStandardsBasedHistory.aspx
  • Transcripts.aspx

The PHL Configuration file also includes the option to log report hits made by Parents and Students in addition to page hits. In order for report logging to be enabled the report flag in the PHL Configuration file for the Parent and Student must be set to True. If the flag is set to False, the PHL table will not record activity on reports run by the Parent or Student.

Teacher Portal Access

The System Administrator can set up security permission to allow the Teacher Portal Group to be able to View the System Access Log activity of Parents and Students for the portal pages listed in the PHL Configuration file. The Teacher Portal Group needs to be granted Read permissions to the Parent Page Hit Log area under Security.

Once Read permissions are granted to the Teacher Portal Group, the teachers will see a "System Access Log" option under the Teacher Misc. node on the Navigation tree.

Clicking on the System Access Log option will display the following page to the teacher.

Columns displayed on the System Access Log include:

  • Account – Name of the account the record is associated with.
  • Email Address – Email address associated with the account.
  • Student Name – Name of student viewed.
  • Perm ID – The perm ID number of the student being viewed.
  • Type – The type of portal account. P is for Parent and S is for Student.
  • Date/Time – Shows when the record was viewed.
The top portion of the System Access Log page has filter options the teacher can use to select records to view. The Information Area drop down list is used to select which area of the Portal to view records for.
System Access Log 06.png
The Classes drop down list is used to select which Class to view records for. The classes displayed are the ones currently associated with the teacher in the Master Schedule. Master Schedule sections that are tagged as Inactive will not display.

Note: In an Elementary School with no Master Schedule, the Classes selection box will not display. The Information Area drop down will not display an option for Class Schedules or Course Requests as they are not applicable for this type of school.

The System Access Log has a Filter Parents/Students option that can be used to View All records or View by Student or Parent only. There is also a Date Range option that can be used to select a specific date range to view records for. Once all options are selected, click on the Go button.

Note: Each time different filter options are selected, the user must click on the Go button to apply the new filter and view the records.

The bottom of the System Access Log page has a page number display to help navigate when there are numerous records displayed. There is also an option to limit the number of records to display per page.

On the right hand side at the bottom of the System Access Log there is a Refresh icon. When the Refresh icon is clicked on, it will refresh the page with any new records available.

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